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Opinion: Mason Mount scapegoating is a clear agenda – Talk Chelsea

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Sorry but it is. There is no other explanation for it at this point.

I don’t really like to bring these things to the boil as it gives attention to these cultists and that’s probably what they want.

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I’ll begin by saying that Mason Mount has certainly not been in his best form in the last handful of matches, and that is fine, no player is perfect, all players go through patches of poorer form.

However, after watching a very poor England side only manage a draw against Hungary last night, all I saw as I scrolled the timeline on Twitter was arguments and criticisms about Mount. Accounts literally going out of their way to find his stats from the game to bash him with.

Yes those stats were poor, so was was every single player on the pitch bar the odd one or two. The captain Harry Kane is supposed to be world class, where was his stats from last night? What about Luke Shaw, the man that gave away a penalty? I could go on.

I get it, rivals fans like to have these little digs at Mount, probably down to jealousy. But when I see these digs, abuse, criticisms, and even fail videos made by Chelsea fans it beggars belief. It’s a clear agenda. It’s probably because they rate, or rep, or stan, or whatever you want to call it, Mateo Kovacic and Jorginho, or another player they believe is 10 times better than Mount. And hey, that might be, but why are you not supporting a player that plays for the team you support?

It’s fine to offer critique I’ve always said that, but when this critique turns into an obsessive agenda and a cult of people constantly online bashing a young player from the team you allegedly support, what the hell is wrong with you?

Jorginho and Kovacic are class players by the way. But what is this obsession with supporting a player rather than a team? They all play for the team that YOU apparently support, so why not actually support them all? You CAN rate all three players, but admit their flaws, because ALL players have flaws. But if you cannot see their strengths and what they ALL actually bring to this team, then more fool you.

The funniest thing here is, that even the players you rep rate Mason Mount… !

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