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Incredible never seen before photos of Liverpool in the 1980s

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Incredible photographs of Liverpool that have never before been published have surfaced showing a unique snapshot of life in the city in the 1980s.

The photographs were taken by Chris Richards, 59, who was a graphic design student at Liverpool Polytechnic from 1980 to 1983.

Chris, who now lives back in his hometown of Nottingham, took the photos as an 18-year-old student as part of art projects and to learn more about using his camera.

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After posting a few of the images on a Facebook group, his posts proved to be incredibly popular and he agreed for the ECHO to publish more from his fascinating collection.

The photos taken on a black-and-white film camera show the areas around Catharine Street where Chris had his flat and nostalgic glimpses of how the city’s streets used to look.

He has also captured the characters working and shopping in St John’s market around Christmas time in 1981.

Speaking to the ECHO, Chris said his time spent in the city as a student were “the best two years of my life”.

Chris said: “I was just testing my camera out really, or when we were asked to go out and take photos as part of our art projects.

“One of my regrets is that I didn’t take more now.”

Chris returned back to Nottingham in 1983 to pursue a successful career in graphic design. He said there are still a people in some of the photos that he remains friends with to this day.

Asked what he enjoyed most about his days in the city, Chris said: “The people, I just love the people. They have a spirit about them even when times are hard.

“You can bump into anyone on the street and have a conversation.”

He added: “When I was there in the 80s, Liverpool was still very much a derelict place. But it was always interesting to photograph.”

T he ECHO has launched a new 56-page nostalgia supplement in print. It’s packed with photos from the recent past and the not-so-recent, from shopping, fashion and music to the Albert Dock – plus an elephant on parade in Woolton. You can order a copy here.

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