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Sadio Mane mystery remains as Mohamed Salah faces Gini Wijnaldum lesson

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Gini Wijnaldum has been discussing his current situation at PSG, admitting he is not ‘completely happy’ at this moment in time.

Going back to his exit from Liverpool in the summer: if you’re happy in a place, how much money do you want to earn in a week or a year?

Players will never spend all the money they receive in their careers, but it seems like a lot of the stars are interested in ‘how much is in it for me?’

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Let’s say you are on £100,000 or £150,000 a week and you’re happy in the situation, what is the desire to go?

You can make that decision to leave and later down the line come to regret it. When you are happy at a club, don’t chase the money. I just can’t see the reasoning for it.

I know there are players who want to keep up with others that they believe they are as good as, but staying at a club should not come down to that. It shouldn’t be the deciding factor between staying or going.

Leaving Liverpool could be a mistake for Wijnaldum. He could get back into the fold at another time and could then be happier at PSG. You don’t know.

He’s happy on the money side but not the playing side, and that’s what happens. You have to bridge the two aspects.

Sadio Mane mystery remains unsolved

Given Mo Salah’s blistering start to the season, it has been suggested that Sadio Mane is somewhat going under the radar.

He struggled last year, but this season he has shown he is back on form. Having said that, there is just something missing from Mane’s game and I can’t understand what it actually is.

He is scoring goals, which is the main thing, but he can do better. He will know that.

Mane is not the same man was he two years ago, but he remains a massive threat and an excellent player.

The better Salah does, the better he will become. You want to be as good as your strike partners, that’s how it is. It makes the team thrive and it’s good competition to have.

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