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Nine latest images from Bramley-Moore Dock as new stadium construction ramps up

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Everton’s work at Bramley-Moore Dock is continuing as the club prepare a 52,888-seater stadium at the waterfront site

Everton are continuing to ramp up their work at Bramley-Moore Dock as they prepare a state-of-the-art new stadium on the city’s famous waterfront.

The Blues officially broke ground on the site back in July of this year and have continued to provide supporters with regular updates on how construction is going.

Recent weeks have seen the club pass through a number of important stages, first confirming they had successfully moved the marine life out of the water and into a new habitat.

Shortly afterward, Everton announced that they had begun the important infill process – with sand from Liverpool Bay and the Irish Sea being pumped into the dock.

Over the next three months, the Grade II-listed dock, which is 325m long, 125m wide and 10m deep, will be infilled with more than 450,000 cubic metres of fluidised sand, via a pipeline connected to a dredger moored in the River Mersey.

Along with these updates, exciting footage continues to be released by the Blues, including an aerial video of the site released last week.

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And nine new images from the site have now also been shared.

Thursday marks five years since Everton officials made their first visit to Bramley-Moore in their attempts to assess the site’s potential to house a new stadium in the future.

Now the latest pictures from the waterfront show the project’s significant progress in the last few weeks, with the dock infill progressing at a steady pace.

Numerous general images of the wider site can also be seen, including evidence that the non-listed buildings that were dotted around the dock have now been demolished.

Scaffolding can also be seen around the hydraulic tower, to provide stability to the building for when the sand from the infill is later compacted.

Below are all nine of the very latest pictures from Bramley-Moore Dock as Everton continue their exciting project at the waterfront.

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