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Opinion: Why an Eden Hazard Chelsea return would make sense – Talk Chelsea

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When debating whether you want to see Eden Hazard back in a Chelsea shirt again or not, it is important to try and put any emotional connections to one side to really assess it properly.

I’ve done just that for this article, and my conclusion is still that I think it would make total sense for Hazard to return to Chelsea.

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Where have these rumours come from anyway? El National, so take it with a pinch of salt of course.

However, it has got us all debating once again, and if a Hazard return to Chelsea IS on the cards, here is why I believe it would be a good move.

In a nutshell, because of Romelu Lukaku…

But to elaborate on that, Hazard coming back on a low-risk loan move whether that be for 6 months in January, or for a year next summer, is actually quite a no brainer for me.

He has a proven and perfect chemistry with Lukaku, something they have built up together over years and years, and this is something that doesn’t just appear over night.

Lukaku is far from struggling at Chelsea, but he could certainly use a player around him right now that knows him inside and out, and one that could get the very best out of him right now. That man would be Hazard.

Chelsea also lack a real creator or a player who can beat two or three players off the mark and make something happen from nothing. That man would be Hazard.

Yes he is 30-years old, and he would have to accept a lesser part role not playing every single game. But if he really wanted to come back from the bottom of his heart, then I’d go get him.

It would be very similar to when we re-signed Didier Drogba in the latter part of his career; his influence, and the lift it gives the whole camp. Drogba even got some vital goals off the bench for Chelsea in his second spell.

Hazard is a player who has still got it, he is far from finished, and he certainly isn’t considered ‘old’ in today’s game. It might even be the boost he needs to kick-start his own career again.

Anyways, we are probably getting ahead of ourselves here I’m sure the rumour will come to nothing, but for me, if the opportunity arises to get Hazard on loan or at a very low fee I’d absolutely go for it. A large fee I’d say no, but a low-risk move I’m here for it.

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