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Marc Skinner reacts to Manchester derby draw

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“We have to learn. If we learn and the next time we play, we change that, and we get better and better and better, what are we moaning about? We don’t want to draw, we want to win every game, but we have to be psychologically strong to go ‘disappointment, own it, develop it, let’s put it into performance and practice’. That’s where our team has to be. We’re slowly raising to the performance that we know we can do.

“What they’re giving for their team and for each other is aboslutely commendable, and so that’s what we’ll continue to do. We’re going to grow, and grow and grow.”

It was a fantastic crowd at Leigh Sports Village, with 3,797 in attendance. Skinner was understandably keen to praise the supporters.

“They give us energy,” he began.

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