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Kate Garraway’s heartbreaking update on husband Derek Draper

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Kate Garraway has shared an update on the health of her husband Derek Draper, following his coronavirus battle.

The Good Morning Britain presenter has received praise and critical acclaim following the documentary Finding Derek earlier this year, which showed her family life while Derek spent a year in hospital after contracting coronavirus.

The programme won the authored documentary prize at the National Television Awards in September.

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But in a saddening update, Kate revealed that Derek is still sleeping 20 hours a day as doctors have warned her that improvements will take time.

Speaking to the Telegraph, Kate said: “Everyone wants to know how Derek is doing, and I want to say: ‘He’s doing great!’ Because I so want to give them a happy ending…”

Kate added: “It’s not been easy.

“And although there are these extraordinary little moments that keep you going, it’s not as though there is something every day taking us forward.

“The doctors believe that there will be a trajectory, but that it’ll be very slow. Derek will still sleep for 20 hours a day, for example.”

Derek is requiring round the clock care with two people needed to give him a wash and the medical staff working shifts so that he always has someone by his side, reports the Mirror.

There has been some better news in that Kate says that Derek is understanding what is going on but his ability to communicate has diminished again.

Kate said: “We’re clear now that he does understand everything that I tell him.

“So there are moments when you know he’s in there, and he has a lot of memory.”

This has been stimulated by his ability to listen to music and watch television, which is an improvement from previous times.

Kate also admitted that she would love to hear Derek in full voice again, even though it sometimes used to grate on her.

She said: “I would give everything I own to hear him being really shouty and full of opinions, ruffling feathers in the way that he used to.”

Kate also said: “The way he wouldn’t be able to do anything until he’d had his bath. The way he would sing so loudly in the mornings – and was generally just so loud! It would drive me mad.”

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