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We’ve all been cooking scrambled eggs wrong

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Scrambled eggs is one of the quickest and easiest foods to make, but it’s more than likely you’ve been cooking it wrong.

Gordon Ramsay’s method for making scrambled eggs has strict instructions that may cause confusion at first.

Whether you like your scrambled eggs on toast or as part of a full English breakfast, you want to ensure they’re as tasty as can be.

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The most important thing to note is that you’re not supposed to whisk the eggs or season them before adding them into the pan.

Pour the eggs straight into the pan and stir, not whisk, with a rubber spatula, ensuring you scrape the bottom of the pan as you stir to avoid the eggs sticking.

Many believe scrambled eggs should be cooked over a low heat, but according to Gordon, the key is to cook them on a higher heat but remove the pan from the hob every 30 seconds.

Continue to stir while they’re off the heat and return to the hob after 10 seconds. Repeat the process throughout the three-minute cooking time.

Some people like to add an ingredient to their eggs such as milk or butter to make the scrambled eggs taste creamier, but Gordon believes crème fraiche is the answer.

One teaspoon of crème fraiche should be added with the seasoning in the last minute of cooking.

Put the ketchup or brown sauce away, as Gordon says the perfect scrambled eggs should be finished off with a sprinkling of chopped chives on top.

Will you be trying Gordon’s scrambled eggs method? Let us know in the comments!

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