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The January Arsenal signing that absolutely should not happen

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Here we are again. It’s the Autumn period, club football has taken a backseat for a couple of weeks and the focus is not on what can be improved internally at Arsenal in terms of performance and style, and instead what could happen in the transfer window.

The speculation comes pouring in from every angle, most of it utter tripe and some occasionally having some legs. Some of the rumours are fan-led, with generally no factual basis to them, designed to try and force the action of their club.

This being the very same club that started joined the Super League. Might have to rethink that one.

And yes, by now it’s probably been gathered that this revolves around Aaron Ramsey. The same Aaron Ramsey who has been relentlessly linked with a move back to Arsenal every time he fails to get off the bench for Juventus or has a brilliant display for Wales.

Aaron Ramsey from Juventus is the January Arsenal signing that absolutely should not happen despite the constant calls for his Premier League return

Those international outings happen often. Good footballers tend to do that.

Not in Massimiliano Allegri’s plans, nor was he especially in Andre Pirlo’s either, or Maurizio Sarri’s for that matter, Ramsey hasn’t helped his case in Turin with a thinly veiled dig at how his fitness has been managed by I Bianconeri. He’s only started 25 matches since joining and with the winter window approaching talk has once again re-emerged about a romantic reunion.

Stop this. Not again.

Will Arsenal need a new midfielder to join the January window? Quite possibly. Granit Xhaka will only just be coming back from a long injury, the form of both Ainsley Maitland-Niles and Sambi Lokonga may dip and Thomas Partey will be off to AFCON.

Why should that person be an injury-prone 30-year-old, either on loan or otherwise, with hefty wages to boot? This just doesn’t seem to die down. Even the Jack Wilshere talk went too far.

Him arriving would stunt the development of someone like Sambi, who has a long term future at Arsenal, given the Welshman would only join to be a starter, while any resources should be spent on looking towards the seasons beyond. This level of short-termism must come to an end.

If Ramsey did get signed in some capacity he would probably do a job in the Premier League. Watching him for Wales reminds everyone how brilliant he can be. But the idea that he can come off the Juventus bench and straight into an Arsenal not even remotely similar to the one he left is a conversation casually overlooked.

A great player, lovely bloke and excellent midfield profile? Sure. The right fit for now? No. The right fit for last year? No. The right fit for when this repetitive conversation arises again when the window opens or the next international break comes around? No.

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