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Legendary Merseyside teachers who left a lasting impression

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Many of us will have mixed memories of our school days, but the inspirational teacher will always stand out for those lucky enough to have had one.

Whether or not they were the happiest days of our lives, we still remember the names of these often unsung figures long into adulthood. Perhaps they taught us a love of a particular subject or activity, or we remember them simply because they were patient and didn’t judge us on our shortcomings.

Whatever the reason, they become treasured memories from our childhood and when we were growing up.

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On World Teachers’ Day, the ECHO asked you to tell us about your favourite teacher and why, and these are just some of the hundreds of replies we received.

Teresa Doyle Abols said: “Take your pick from any at St Monica’s in Bootle… beautiful little school with amazing staff.”

Ben Fleming said: “Luke Christopher because he used different voices for characters when we were reading Of Mice and Men and because he was a swell guy.”

Christina Marsland said: “My daughter’s support teacher, Mrs Hill (Dawn). She has supported her through some really tough days and has never given up on her. She has been amazing and definitely doesn’t get enough credit for what she actually does on a daily basis. I will always be truly thankful for her.”

Is there an amazing teacher who you think deserves recognition? Let us know in the comments below

Becky Moore said: “Mrs (Nancy) Gosling was my favourite teacher going back 20+ years now. She was always so patient with me and helped me so much through my high school years (and still does to this day), both personally and academically! I will never have a thank you big enough to repay her big heart. She never gave up on me even when I wanted to give up on myself.”

Claire Benbow said: “Sheila Bell was 100% my favourite teacher! Year 3 primary and I’m still obsessed with all things ancient Egypt! Loved walking into her class and it being all decorated and themed! A teacher who truly made you feel special and clever even if you were struggling getting some stuff you never felt like it was a just a job!”

Heather Taylor said: “Mine was Mr Donnelly, my geography teacher. We could always have a laugh with him.”

The late Leon Bernicoff

Gary Bushell said: “Leon Bernicoff at Croxteth Comp who was also on Gogglebox. Always encouraged me and helped me achieve a lot more than I thought I could achieve.”

Danielle Anderson said: “Les White, best science teacher ever, always had a laugh and we all loved his funky ties.”

Julia O’toole said: “Tim Dolan helped make my life bearable in high school by not judging those who were different from the rest like some others!”

Jo Brown said: “Luba Brodie my fave but her colleagues Ms Leger and Mrs Cowley, smashing teachers, who equally importantly prepared us for real life. Whilst others may have judged us not for one second did they.

“Their teaching style made you feel valued with a sense of humour which made learning such a pleasure, escaping the boredom and mundaneness common in other classrooms. Such naturally gifted teachers are a treasure.”

Kirsty Foley said: “Alexandra Joanna, the effort and amount of work she does outside of the classroom is beyond any average teacher. Always has the children at the forefront of her mind!!

“And you can’t have a wonderful teacher without an outstanding TA so Talor Pickering for all of the fantastic work and effort she gives daily.”

Natalie Barton-Holmes said: “My kids was Miss Cassidy, All Saints Primary, big loss to the school when she went back to Ireland.”

Marc Faulkner said: “Steve Byrne, such an inspiration to so many of us, even those of us who maybe didn’t realise his incredible gift at the time and didn’t appreciate all he did for us.

“Spending a fortnight touring Greek archaeological sites on Kos thanks to the lifelong passion for history Mr Byrne instilled in me all those years back.

“Thank you, Sir, for inspiring generations of Runcorn’s young people. Hope you’re on the mend and soon back doing what you love and what we all love you for.”

Lynsey Hannaford said: “Ellie Henry my daughter is an amazing teacher in a special needs school, she loves the children in her class I think she is just amazing.”

XRobert Potter said: “Soo Daniels, always laid back didn’t get angry when I couldn’t concentrate on my work, always took an interest in all her students and always made sure we were OK. She even bought me parts for my car when I was struggling with money.

“Couldn’t have asked for a better teacher/ tutor. You truly were and still are the best teacher.”

Marilyn Wright – New said: “At primary school it was Miss Lavery, at secondary school it was Miss Watson and Miss Boylan. We had a nun called Sister Margaret Mary. She was so soft spoken and a wonderful teacher.”

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