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Jones: Why I came off social media

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Jones is also asked about if he sometimes wanted to hit back at his critics and if he has felt frustrated by holding himself back.

“Good question,” the 2016 FA Cup winner says.

“I just feel like I’m better than that now, I’m wiser to it. Someone’s dangling a carrot waiting for a bite. Like I say, it’s been difficult, but I’ve learned to deal with it. For some reason, maybe, I get more than others but I’m sure everybody would say the same thing. But people would say that’s part of being a footballer so [I] take it as it comes.”

The 29-year-old emphasises it’s important to know who to listen to. A few weeks back, United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer praised Jones for his continuous work to get back fit and playing for the Reds once again.

“Yeah, that was really nice,” our no.4 emphasises.

“I spoke to him after and said thank you for the words, because it meant a lot, it really did because there’s nothing [that means] more [as] a footballer, for someone, managers, staff, coaches, players, to have your back. To feel really supported by him was a nice feeling. At the time, I needed that. It was nice.”

The UTD Podcast featuring Jones is out at 17:00 BST on Monday, exclusively in our Official App, before becoming available on other streaming services a day later. 

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