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Best United players at changing positions on the pitch

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“Well, Scholesy changed position,” explained Irwin. “When you look at him as a young lad, he was a centre-forward but then, as he progressed through his career, he went from a player up front to an attacking midfielder to, in the end, a holding midfield player, getting the ball off the back four and spraying it around.

“He even played left-midfield for England quite a few times. He had the ability to play anywhere, Scholesy, but predominantly down the middle. He was a great player and changed numerous positions. You don’t get it happening as much these days as the positions are so specialised now. I don’t think Scholesy could ever work up front on his own like in today’s game but he could have played anywhere, which shows the ability the lad had, it really does. 

“If he’d moved back further, he would have been a centre-back and could have done that, don’t worry about that, he’d have been the best ball-playing centre-back since Franz Beckenbauer,” he laughed.

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