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Mum transforms ‘drab’ home into colourful dream on a budget

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With everyone being stuck at home during the numerous lockdowns, it’s no surprise there’s been a surge in people redecorating and renovating their properties.

Mum Kim was fed up of her ‘aged’ home, so decided to turn it into a colourful dream house she has always wanted.

The 34-year-old posted her property transformation on her Instagram where she posts budget decorating hacks, money saving DIYs and up-cycles.

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Speaking to Swyft Home, Kim said: “Transforming the whole house was so therapeutic. I thrive off design, pattern clashing and bold dramatic colours, as well as working under pressure with big transformation reveals at very little cost.

“I love the challenging task of working within a budget creating an incredible glow up. My whole house consists of my own handy work and creativity constantly making dramatic changes for less money.

Kim's kitchen before.
Kim’s kitchen before.

Kim's colourful kitchen.
Kim’s colourful kitchen.

“We transformed the kitchen by spraying the kitchen units with a deep green acrylic eggshell emulsion and added accent brass detailed knobs. We also completely transformed our fridge. I lightly sanded it back, applied a thick layer of difficult surface primer then painted purple with gold accent feature handles and it still looks incredible.”

Kim said that her favourite transformation was her bed which she altered using two tins of spray paint for less than £20.

Kim's new bedroom featuring her spray painted bed.
Kim’s new bedroom featuring her spray painted bed.

She added: “I also created the main light myself with a cheap halo ring light above the bed attaching a double layer of black peacock coloured ostrich feathers. These lights are sold for hundreds of pounds and mine cost me £50 to make.

“I often head to local vintage stores and charity shops treasure spotting. It’s amazing what a bit of spray paint can do! Everything after a bit of love and attention can be transformed into a show stopping statement piece of decor.

“For successful design I’d recommend gathering samples of materials to create a tactile mood board so you can get a sense and feel of the space you are wishing to transform, paint large areas of colour swatches on the walls in different areas as each angle of every colour reacts differently depending on the lighting, so can be quite misleading.

Kim's new bright lounge.
Kim’s new bright lounge.

“Fabric swatches are always a good idea then you can sense the mood the material creates with the atmospheric surroundings for the scheme. Recreating my design style would be a case of indulging in maximalist soft furnishings, bold colour and pattern with quirky gold statement accessories.”

Kim has a top tip for people decorating their own home. She told Swyft Home: “Go with your own personal design style of what you love and don’t be influenced by other people’s style and design, as interiors is such a personal decision.

“My house is a complete mix up of everything we love as a family, an eclectic mix of dramatic pattern and bold colour reflects us as a family and our personality.”

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