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How it felt to miss the Champions League final

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After playing every minute in both legs against Roma in the quarter-finals and Barcelona in the semi-finals, the omission came as a surprise to many 13 years ago, including the South Korean himself. 

Speaking during his guest appearance on the latest episode of the UTD Podcast, now available to listen to in full on our Official App, Park speaks about the moment Sir Alex Ferguson told him that he would unfortunately not be in the squad for the tournament’s final.

“First, I couldn’t believe it. The day, in the morning, he called me, we had a meeting in that he said to me, ‘you’re not involved’. 

“When I heard that, I was shocked. I don’t remember after that what he said, so I thought, ‘yeah, I’m not going to play today, but I’m still involved?’ I didn’t remember because I was shocked. 

“I realised when I got to the stadium, into the dressing room, I saw that there wasn’t my shirt, then I just go ‘oh, I’m not in the squad today’. 

“I don’t know how I can say it, I was very, very disappointed. All my family was there, my whole country was looking for that because I play the semi-final. They were expecting that I would play the final, even probably on the bench. But I wasn’t in the squad. 

“I said, ‘how can I deal with this? I don’t know’. First half, I didn’t know how I could watch the match. I was there but I didn’t know what was going on. Probably from the second half I was back to my normal and just focus on the match.


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