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Plane spotted above Liverpool with a ‘get into bed’ banner

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People in Liverpool were left confused after they spotted a plane carrying a banner saying ‘get into bed’, this week.

The plane was spotted across Merseyside and Chester and people immediately took to social media to try and find out the reason behind it.

One person tweeted: ” Aeroplane going over Liverpoo l with a banner ‘GET INTO BED’ What’s all that about?”

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Another commented: “Spotted this light aircraft flying over Wavertree pulling a banner saying Get Into Bed!”

The plane was spotted flying over Liverpool on Wednesday, July 22, and many people in Chester were also left confused by what it was about and who was responsible.

Some thought it might have been related to the recent ‘wake up’ graffiti that has been appearing in some parts of Chester.

One person said: “Why was there a plane going around Chester with get into bed on the back lmao i thought the message was to wake up or has the tagger changed their mind now?”

Another social media user quipped: “The graffiti is telling me to wake up, the plane is telling me to go to bed. Honestly, what am I supposed to be doing?”

Others were slightly more unimpressed with the display, with one saying: “Wish that small plane circling Chester would b****r off.”

But it turns out that the aircraft was a marketing exercise carried out by Chester student accommodation firm Bed Student Rentals.

It is believed to have been set up to coincide with a student event taking place at Carriage Shed.

An Instagram story shared on the company’s account (@bedstudentrentals) showed an image of the sky above the venue, with the caption ‘keep your eyes on the sky at 1pm for a special surprise’.

The event at the Carriage Shed is one of a number being held for students throughout freshers’ week.

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